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The Etrade Baby Super Bowl Commercials were always huge hits and super adorable among audiences. They are informative too, As they tell us about financial planning, Stock investing and getting our budget in order. The first Etrade baby Super Bowl Commercial appeared in the year 2008.

Etrade Baby Super Bowl Commercials
Pic Credit : E*trade twitter account , 2023 Super Bowl Commercial

Wheather we Call it foolish or a gamble for E-Trade to use a baby to taught stock investing, but the gimmick became instant hit and was so popular, that several more commercial iterations came out between 2008 and 2013. Etrade Baby Super Bowl Commercials again reappeared in last year’s Super Bowl game.

This year too the smart-talking infant will appear for the 2023 Super Bowl commercial. E-Trade confirmed that it will be airing a spot in the Big Game next month and that the spot will feature the well-known E-Trade Baby. Once again, the chatty toddler will be voiced by comedian Pete Holmes.

E-Trade from Morgan Stanley (The online broker, now owned by Morgan Staney), have already release a teaser and they’re bringing back the adorable babies in their new Super Bowl ad. In a 15-second preview, a baby is shown in a series of shots getting their suit ready. A further lookahead suggests a potential wedding is included in their full-length ad during Super Bowl LVII as “save the date” ends the video. See the cute preview :

“We believe that’s one of the major events that you really need to make sure it goes off without a hitch,’ E-Trade Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Zaretsky told reporters “We recommend financial planning and getting your budget and your finances in order.”

Etrade Baby Super Bowl Commercials :

Etrade Baby Super Bowl Commercials have been entertaining us since 2008. The ads were used to appeared every year till 2013 in Super Bowls after that E-Trade jumped out of the Super Sunday ad circuit before returning back in 2018, 2021. But, Etrade baby ads for Super Bowl only return back in the year 2022 and this year too the smart-talking baby will appear for the 2023 Super Bowl commercial. The Etrade Baby Super Bowl Commercials are as follows :

2023 : Wedding

E*TRADE Baby Commercial – Wedding

2022 : Off the Grid
E*TRADE Baby Commercial : Off the grid

2013 : Save It

2012 : Fatherhood

2011 : Wardrobe :

2010 : Baby Girlfriend

2010 : Ist Class

2010 : Tears

2009 : Talking Baby

2008 : Baby Spits Up

2008 : Baby And Clown

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