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The newest Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial is about those grinding and it’s also inspired by theory that everyone can be traced by just six degrees of separation.

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial – Metro Boomin (Budweiser)

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

As Super Bowl is just a week away, major brands have started releasing their highly anticipated ad spots. 

For this year Super Bowl Ad, Budweiser brings back classic tagline and revealed a 45-second version of its “Six Degrees of Bud”. The new Budweiser’s ad is for all those grinding out there, Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial features Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon and St. Louis music producer Metro Boomin and have one thing to say: ‘This Bud’s for You.’


Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser continues Super Bowl Legacy and shines a light on those who embody The American Spirit. The beer giant’s commercial for the big game plays on the concept that everyone can be traced by six degrees of separation.

A six-pack of Budweiser beer is passed around by six different people in the advertisement, including hip-hop producer Metro Boomin. It is narrated by actor Kevin Bacon. The commercial breaks the fourth wall and hands the audience a Budweiser with the famous company Tagline, “This Bud’s For You,” as the last beer is left.

Metro Boomin not only appeared in the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial but also produced the music that plays in it.

“The thing about Super Bowl ads is that you have thirty seconds to get people to feel something – to laugh, to cry, to be inspired,” Kevin Bacon said in a press release with the ad. “I loved bringing back the six degrees concept for this year’s Super Bowl because, at its core, the concept has always been about connection. I was especially drawn to the ending when a Budweiser is handed to the camera, and I say, ‘This Bud’s For You.’ I think this ad is going to stick with people.”

The parent company of Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch, won’t be the only alcoholic beverage to advertise during the Super Bowl this year. After deciding not to renew its exclusivity arrangement with the NFL last year, the beer behemoth will share the limelight with other beer brands, according to CNN reports. Apparently, the annual value of the agreement was $250 million.

In the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, we don’t get to see Kevin Bacon, but those that are do appear in it. PineappleCITI, a singer/rapper who recovered physically from an injury that left her unable to walk for two years, is featured with Metro Boomin. The BBQ is hosted by Robert Moran, a construction worker with the Steedle Brothers Company. In the wake of his father’s unexpected passing, he is making a lot of effort to preserve his crafting tradition. Theophilos Okuribido founded Fry Day, when he shares delicious food with his neighbourhood, and he operates the food truck. Damian Young is seen playing for the Hometown Heroes on the basketball floor. And then there’s Laura Estra, who, when it seemed like everything was falling apart during the epidemic, co-founded a community organization dedicated to fostering communal relationships.

Budweiser, The flagship brand of Anheuser-Bush InBev in the U.S. which is synonymous with the Super Bowls ads, This year they will not air the commercial nationally instead, they are focusing on 14 regional markets where they aim to reach a younger consumer base Audience, according to Variety

“Throughout Budweiser’s history, the brand has championed the American spirit – the values and ideals that connect all our consumers no matter where they live or what they do,” said Kristina Punwani, Head of Marketing, Budweiser, in that press release.

“In bringing back our iconic tagline, ‘This Bud’s For You,’ we are also evolving the meaning behind the phrase – from something that used to signify the end of the work day to a mantra that embodies the modern consumer and all their side hustles, passion projects and career successes, We are going to continue this focus on intentional and authentic connections with our audience around topics and passion points that matter most to them, like sports and music in 2023 and beyond.” Budweiser’s Head of Marketing Kristina Punwani said. 

A 30-second version of the commercial will air on Super Bowl Sunday in markets such as California, New York and Philadelphia, the company said in a press release. 

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The Philadelphia Eagles will face The Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona at 6.30pm ET.

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