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Doritos Super Bowl Commercials
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Doritos Super Bowl Commercials are always super hilarious with simple and unique content. They always shock the audience with their funny commercials. For Super Bowl LVII they’ve release an exclusive first look of their ad. The commercial will star both their new Sweet and Tangy BBQ chips, which hit stores in January and will star two International Rapper. Apart from two artists— Doritos is incorporating fans, too. This year, social media users can win a chance to be featured in the Frito-Lay commercial — and get paid for their video.

Who is in the Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl 2023?

Doritos has been mysterious lately about the Super Bowl Ad which will air on February 12, 2023. First, they released a 16 seconds teaser commercial showing a VIP inside a limousine, eating the “love triangles”: he’s the rapper Jack Harlow, and you can watch the teaser here on Youtube.

And Later on release a 16 seconds teaser featuring rapper Missy Elliot about probable collaboration with title “Did you say, a collab”,

The third and final teaser which is also of 16 seconds features both the rapper Jack Harlow and Missy Elliot with a tagline that “Music will never be the same” and with title “I gotta do me, missy”

Jack Harlow was one of last year’s most popular music artists: with songs like first class and Churchill Downs, he contributed to defining the sound of American rap.

Doritos Super Bowl Commercials List44 Commercials list

Doritos Super Bowl Commercials have been entertaining us since 1989. There ads are super witty and enjoyable. Doritos have made 44 Super Bowl ads including commercial teaser of Super Bowl 2023 till date which are as follows :

Doritos – Teaser 2023

Doritos & Cheetos – Push It Flaming (2022)

The commercial follows a nature watcher in the forest and her bags of Doritos Flamin’ Hot and Cheetos Flamin’ Hot fall out of her backpack. The animals start to eat the chips and begin singing along to the song “Push It.”

Doritos 3D – Flat Matthew (2021)

 A two-dimensional version of Matthew McConaughey floats and staggers through life before a Doritos product — Doritos 3D Crunch — helps him return to normal.

Doritos – The Cool Ranch (2020)

It will go down in history as one of the most surprising (and funny!) Super Bowl mash-ups ever when Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X dance to “Old Town Road.”

Doritos – Now It’s Hot (2019)

Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys have teamed up for the collaboration we never knew we needed. The boy band’s classic song “I Want It That Way” is given a hip-hop makeover in the advertisement, and Chance contributes a powerful new verse.

Doritos Blaze vs Mtn Dew – Lip Sync Battle (2018)

 ‘Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice,’ pairs Freeman and Missy Elliott for Mtn Dew Ice to take on Dinklage and Busta Rhymes for Doritos Blaze in high-powered lip-sync rap battle.

Doritos – Ultrasound (2016)

This baby can’t wait to get out of the womb and get its hands on some Doritos. Slightly disturbing, but also hilarious. The fact that the husband is eating Doritos during the ultrasound.

Doritos – Dogs (2016)

These pups just want some Doritos. And they’re smart enough to fool the store owner to get some.

Doritos – Middle Seat (2015)

Before the plane takes off, this man is doing whatever it takes to keep the middle seat next to him empty. He is flossing, clipping his toenails and doing other unspeakable things. When he finally sees the person perfect for sitting next to him

Doritos – When Pigs Fly (2015)

Ralph refuses to share his Doritos. It will only happen when pigs fly, which seems easy enough for a kid to do. Just strap a rocket to a pig’s back and press the launch button!

Doritos – Time Machine (2014)

The little kid tricks his neighbor into giving up his Doritos by telling him it’s fuel for his makeshift “time machine”

Doritos – Cowboy Kid (2014)

A mom asks her kids for her help with bringing the groceries into the house. When they won’t help, the mom says “Guess you don’t want Doritos!”

Well, that sure changes their minds! Both kids rush to the car to get the chips, but one boy rides his dog and lassos the chips away from his brother.

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale (2013)

A lonely man buys a Doritos-loving goat, but becomes annoyed when the animal eats all his chips.

Doritos – Fashionista Daddy (2013)

A father is willing to don frilly clothes and daughter-applied makeup in order to eat his beloved chips. But it’s when his friends get in on the action that the hilarity ensues.

Doritos – Man’s Best Friend (2012)

In the ad ,the dog just appears in front of his owner and pass Doritos, makes me laugh each time The Super Bowl really pulls in some great ad

Doritos – Sling Baby (2012)

Dorito can possibly make an elderly woman sling-shot her own baby grandchild at his sibling in hopes of attaining a Dorito bag.

Doritos – House Sitting (2011)

A man leaves his roommate in charge of feeding his fish and watering his plant while he’s away. However, the roommate spends the entire time eating Doritos on the couch and watching TV. When the day comes for his roommate to return, the house sitter panics as he sees that both the fish and plant have died.

Doritos – Pug Attack (2011)

Don’t tease this pug with Doritos. He’ll prove to be stronger than you thought. 

Doritos – The Best Part (2011)

An employee finishes up his bag of Doritos in his company’s break room. Another man comes up behind him and asks directly into the first man’s ear if he is going to finish the Doritos.

Doritos – Casket (2010)

A dude fakes his own death to be in a casket filled with Doritos while he watches the game in peace. The only problem is, he can’t help but cheer for his team, and his cover is blown. He’s alive, it’s a miracle!

Doritos – Dog Collar (2010)

A guy sitting on a park bench eating his Doritos is approached by a dog who clearly would like to have a chip. The guy sees that the dog is wearing an anti-bark collar so he taunts him by saying “If you want a Dorito you’ve got to speak.” The dog whimpers and slinks away. 

Doritos – House Rules (2010)

This is one of the best Doritos Super Bowl Commercial. “Keep your hands off my mama. And keep your hands off my Doritos.” You tell him, kid.

Doritos – Tim (2010)

 Two guys munch on a bag of Doritos while standing in the middle of a gym. One of them stole the bag from Tim’s locker, and upon hearing this news, the other guy freezes. “Tim loves Doritos,” he warns,

Doritos – Crystal Ball (2009)

 A worker asks his snow globe if there will be free Doritos; smashing it through the vending machine reveals the answer is yes. 

Doritos – Magic Power Chip (2009)

A man uses the alleged “Power of the Crunch” to achieve what he wants while holding a bag of Doritos. This involves stealing money from a hacked ATM, blowing off a girl’s clothes, and transforming a police officer into a Capuchin monkey.

Unfortunately, he runs outside and is struck by a bus as payback.

Doritos – Kina Grannis (2008)

During the 2008 Super Bowl, Doritos aired this commercial featuring up-and-coming artist Kina Grannis. She sang her song “Message From Your Heart” on the biggest stage Doritos could give her: a Super Bowl commercial.

Doritos – Mousetrap (2008)

Using Doritos as bait for a mouse trap probably wasn’t the best idea. The battle between a man and a mouse has never been more real.

Doritos – Checkout Girl (2007)

The “Checkout Girl” spot (Giddy up!) was a great way to showcase all the flavors. The inaugural winner of Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, a cashier at a supermarket gets increasingly stimulated by the Doritos flavors.

Doritos – Live the Flavor (2007)

A young man is driving while consuming a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. He suddenly smashes his automobile after becoming distracted by a girl eating the same Doritos on the sidewalk.

Doritos – Giving Away / bold & daring – (2002)

Pic Credit : Doritos

This Super Bowl XXXVI Doritos ad may have given away a free Xbox, but it doesn’t have a recognizable celebrity or any humor to it at all.

Doritos – Tennis (2001)

In her third Super Bowl Doritos commercial appearance, Ali Landry — Miss USA 1996 — tries to pull off the tennis-court iteration of her laundromat trick.

Doritos – Smokin (1999)

The follow-up to the laundromat commercial the previous year, Landry returns to promote Doritos’ Smokey Red BBQ chips and then sets off the fire sprinkler system.

Doritos – Laundromat (1998)

Starring Will and Grace Sean Hayes, a woman (Landry) enters a laundromat and pulls off some jaw-dropping Doritos stunts.

Doritos – Mashed Potatoes (1996)

Pic Credit : Doritos

After taking a bite of Doritos, the cafeteria lunch lady gets artistic  make art with mashed potatoes.

Doritos – Massage (1996)

A masseuse gets a little more invigorated after eating dome Doritos in this Super Bowl Ad from 1996.

Doritos – Mario Cuomo and Ann Richards (1995)

The former Democratic governors of Texas and New York, both ousted by voters featured in a tongue-in-cheek Doritos Super Bowl commercial. The ad shows Cuomo giving Richards advice about embracing change. Richards: “I should have seen it coming.″ Cuomo: “Maybe so, but now i think we ought to accept this change, embrace it, be positive about it, because change can be very exciting.″

Doritos – “Player Poet” (1995)

Pic credit : Doritos

Starring several members of the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl squad, including Steve Young and Jerry Rice, this ad features Dana Stubblefield eating Doritos and waxing poetic while terrorizing the San Diego Chargers.

Doritos – Cancelled (1994)

Chevy Case gets cancelled mid-commercial because his ratings are too low. A little on the nose, if you ask us.

Doritos – Berlin Wall (1990)

Its about Berlin Wall thing and Super Bowl Party

Doritos – Crime (1990)

Doritos – Big Money (1990)

the commercial is about Big money.

Doritos – Wrap Up (1990)

This ad from Super Bowl XXIII, starring Jay Leno, is all about wrap up.

Doritos – Hey Ma (1989)

This ad from Super Bowl XXIII, starring Jay Leno, is pretty cheesy.

Doritos – Peer Pressure (1989)

Leno riffs about Cool Ranch Doritos and peer pressure although he’s in an empty room.

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