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Women's World Cup Kits

This is your go-to place for all the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Kits releases because the tournament, which kick off on July 20, in Australia and New Zealand is just around the corner. Prior to the tournament, The kits for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup have already begun rolling out slowly and steadily. Some are currently on the market, while the majority will be accessible on Monday, June 5, 2023.

This time in comparison to their male counterparts, The designs of female sports jersey for the Women’s World Cup are mostly much wilder and experimental. The majority of countries will just receive one new jersey because they already received new ones in time for the men’s World Cup, but others will be sporting totally new outfits this summer.

Adidas and Nike have now both released their Women’s World Cup kits other sports brand are also releasing Women’s World Cup kits in the meantime. Nike lead the 2023 Women’s World Cup kit race as the brand is partnered with more Women’s Football federations qualified for the 2023 FIFA World Cup than any other brand, Nike is leading with 13 teams, Follow by Adidas closely by 10 teams, While Puma is in third place with only two teams. 23 of 32 teams kits of the 2023 Women’s World cup are supplied by Adidas and Nike.

Nike partnered with Women’s Football Federations for the 2023 Women’s World Cup

The Nike is partnered with more women’s football federations qualified for this summer’s tournament than any other brand, The name of 13 national teams are : USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, France, Canada, China, South Korea, England, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway.

Adidas partnered with Women’s Football Federation for the 2023 Women’s World Cup

After presenting the official match ball, adidas released away kits for 10 national teams. The name of 10 national teams are Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Spain, and Sweden. Costa Rica, Italy and Jamaica was unveiled earlier this year, and the kits for the Philippines unveiled on May 16, 2023.


2023 Women’s World Cup Kits

Australia 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Pic Credit : Nike

According to Nike : “Australia’s National Team Collection celebrates its diverse country and community and is an invitation to all Australians to join in and embrace this once-in-a-lifetime moment and iconic team.”

As one of the tournament host, Australia Women’s World Cup Kits symbolise its diverse nation and community. It also represents their national team’s evolution. It’s home kit will include their trademark yellow jersey with dark green shorts. Additionally, it has a “created-by-hand acrylic pour and marbling pattern”

On the other hand, their away kits comes in turquoise, with a dark blue stripe along the side of both shirts and shorts. It represents a nation that is vibrant, energetic, and forward-thinking.

United States Women’s World Cup Kits 2023

The USA home kit is a traditional white home kit with a blue-speckled pattern and marks only the second time in the past 11 years that the team has worn a print at home. The kit features gold branding which denote the country’s four World Cup Wins. The two-time defending FIFA Women’s World Cup champions Kits much like the France kits, are inspired by the art movement of abstract expressionism, which started in the 1940s .

As per Nike, it “started in the 1940s in New York City as the art epicentre began to shift from Europe to the U.S. – similar to what the USA team has done for women’s football”.

Home kit…

…And for away kits they design a red-on-blue mesh on the jersey. It also includes sleeve cuffs that feature bespoke stars and stripes graphic print.

New Zealand Women’s World Cup Kits 2023


Pic Credit : Nike

2023 Women’s World Cup co-hosts New Zealand through their kit is celebrating the country’s unique and historic culture and also their spectacular landscapes. It’s home kit will include their traditional black jersey, with the silver fern which is a long-time symbol of their national identity and is imprinted across both the jersey and shorts. Additionally, To create a distinct pattern, Nike designers used black and silver spray paint techniques.

The away kit which features a white jersey, with a teal stripe along the side of both shirts and teal shorts with white socks including teal trim. It is inspired by the 1991 qualifying squad to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, who took New Zealand to their first FIFA World Cup. It’s even more special because it’s co-hosting the biggest football tournament for the very first time.

Brazil 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

The Amazon jungle served as inspiration for Brazil’s Nike kits. The recognisable yellow home shirt, which is worn with bright green trim and dark blue shorts, contains leaf motifs woven into the cloth that depict the ecosystems of the surrounding area.

The recognisable yellow home shirt, which is worn with bright green trim and dark blue shorts, contains leaf motifs woven into the cloth that depict the ecosystems of the surrounding area.

Pic Credit : Nike

Argentina 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Taking inspiration fromt the striking landscapes of Serranía de Hornocal in the north to Ushuaia in the south, The Argentina away kit symbolize the varied natural landscapes found across the country.

The Adidas jersey for Argentina comes in tones of dark and light green with orange accents and paired with black shorts and socks.

Pic Credit : Adidas

England 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

England kit is inspired by the Art Deco movement and design of the legendary Wembley Stadium.” The home kit include The off-white hues is “modeled after the original Wembley’s chalky white brick exterior in 1923” while also paying “homage to the 1984 England women’s team, the country’s first women’s team assembled for a major tournament.”

On the other hand, The away kit The away kit “brings in the first expression of blue in the team’s history” with a geometric pattern that nods to the Art Deco movement and features a geometric pattern with an homage to the Art Deco movement.

Pic credit : Nike

Germany 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Germany’s away jersey kit is, according to adidas, “inspired by the various deep green woodland areas found within the country – from the Black Forest to the Zauberwald”.

The kits are available in green tones with a hand-drawn graphic pattern and gold accents. Black shorts are worn with it.

Pic Credit : Adidas

Japan 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

The stunning pink sunrise that can be seen at Mount Fuji is where the pink colour inspiration for Japan’s away kit came from. As the Women’s World Cup approaches, the sunrise symbolises the Japanese squad’s collective goal to win another championship and add a star to their team emblem.

Adidas describes the sunrise motif as “representing the collective mission of the Japanese team – as the Women’s World Cup emerges on the horizon – to add another winner’s star to the team badge”.

Pic Credit : Adidas

Norway 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

The red, white, and blue of Norway’s national flag are reflected in both of their kits made by Nike. Their home kit consists of a red jersey with embellishments in dark blue.

The away kit consists of white shirt, red shorts, and white socks which make up the entire away uniform. The panelling on the jersey and shorts is a rich blue colour, like the home kit.

Pic credit : Nike

France 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

According to Nike, French Kits are inspired by Orphism, an art movement popularized in the 1920s, when the first French women’s football teams were taking the field.

The home Kit features light blue jersey and shorts Orphism inspired pattern, paired with red socks. It also includes sleeve cuffs that features the red, white and blue of the french national flag.

The away kit features white jersey and dark blue shorts again reminiscent of the Orphism art. with a bespoke, hand-painted pattern cut into hexagon shapes.

Pic Credit : Nike

Netherlands 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

The Netherlands kits resonate the two identites – the red, blue and white colours of the country’s flag, and the bright orange which is their iconic national colour and is synonymous with the Dutch.

The home kit features iconic orange and includes a two-colour contrast with a geometric pattern.

The away kit features the colours of the flags primarily dark blue with a light blue pattern. It also includes sleeve cuffs and a badge that features the red and white of the Dutch national flag colours.

Pic Credit : Nike

Canada 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Canada’s Nike kits for both home and away features their symbolic red and white colours. Their home kit have geometric maple leaf design.

The home kit includes red and white jersey paired with black shorts and red socks.

For away kits its features red and white jersey paired with red shorts and white socks with red sleevecuff.

Nike’s both home and away kits of Canada’s features their traditional

Pic Credit : Nike

South Korea 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

According to kit manufacturer Nike, “the Korea National Team Collection is inspired by the country’s youth culture and globally renowned fashion style”.

For home kit they’ll be sporting red jerseys and shorts with vivid pink accents on the socks and clothing. This includes panelling on the side of the uniform, which tries to capture the team’s and the nation’s youthful energy.

Black shorts and a white shirt make up for the away kit. The shirt has side blocking that was inspired by the Korean fashion scene. The split side panels point to traditional ideas of balance and opposites on the Korean flag.

Pic Credit : Nike

China 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

China’s kits shines a spotlight on both their home and away kits as it features two of their culturally traditional colours of red and yellow. The home jersey features a graphic print inspired by xiangyun, the traditional Chinese clouds that symbolize good luck and good fortune. It includes an all-red kit – jersey, shorts and socks with yellow border.

The away kits consistes an all-yellow kit – Jersey, shorts and socks with red borders which make up the entire away uniform.

Pic Credit : Nike

Portugal 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

To showcase Portuguese legacy, The portugal national team kits incorporates hints to contemporary art and fashion with the nation’s traditional craftsmanship and maritime roots. To express pride in one’s country, the red home kit is modelled after th flag. The away kit includes a “vibrant color scheme and bespoke pattern inspired by the country’s famous calçada Portuguesa designs.”

Pic Credit : Nike

Republic of Ireland 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

As part of their home kit, they’ll don their customary green jersey. It has ‘Eire’ written on the back of the neck and green, white, and gold trim, honouring the national flag. The jersey will go with white shorts and green socks.

The FAI states that : “The FAI consulted with the senior leadership group within the squad and with management on the possibility of switching the colour of the shorts but with the supply of protective underwear the players felt that staying with white shorts was the preferred option.”

Pic Credit : Castore

Nigeria 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Nigeria kits combines contemporary designs from Abuja’s fashion scene with the nation’s traditional regional motifs and patterns. The home kits have an electric green colour scheme. “the home kits features a bespoke pattern on the cuffs and sock ribbing inspired by traditional Nigerian artwork and textiles.”

The Nigeria National Team Collection blends the country’s traditional local prints and patterns with current styles from the fashion scene of Abuja. In an electric green color scheme, “the home kits features a bespoke pattern on the cuffs and sock ribbing inspired by traditional Nigerian artwork and textiles.” The away kit, a darker forest green, “combines modern shapes with traditional prints; the up-close details on the graphic pattern pay homage to the team’s ‘Super Falcons’ name.”

Pic Credit : Nigeria

Spain 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

The stunning coral reefs that line Spain’s extensive coastline served as the inspiration for the country’s away kit, which it shares with Australia and New Zealand, which are hosting the event.
Lilac shorts and socks go with the lilac adidas jersey, which has darker purple and pink embellishments.

Pic Credit : Adidas

Italy 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Italy will be wearing their traditional all blue kit which features a marble-inspired design on both jerseys and shorts. For the first time in 20 years , Italy won’t be wearing kits sponsored by Puma. Instead, they are wearing kits from Adidas.

The away kits consists all cream colour jersey, shots and socks with a marble pattern in gold and blue

Sweden 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

For their World Cup away uniform, Sweden is sticking with its classic yellow and blue colour scheme. The enormous glacial rivers and ice caps that may be found all around Sweden are the inspiration for the national team’s away jersey. The design aims to showcase the beauty and significance of the country’s glaciers by combining a shifting glacial blue image with trims and details in the characteristic yellow colour associated with the nation.

Pic Credit : Adidas

Columbia 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Columbia’s away kit pays tribute to the many shades of Cano Cristales River – often referred to as the ‘River of Five Colours’.

Adidas says “celebrates the unique changing phenomenon that occurs due to the reflection of light against the water”.

The astonishing purple jersey has a light purple and pink hues with a marble like pattern, it features yellow accents that give a affirmation to their historic home kit colors

Home kit will be launch ahead of the World Cup

Pic Credit : Adidas

Costa Rica 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

The home kit for Costa Rica will be red as is customary, with white and blue highlights. Blue shorts and white socks will go with the adidas kit.

The away kit will be all-white with small gold lines running down the front. With the exception of the last quarter, which has the stripes, the back is plain white. Additionally offered are black and gold embellishments.

Adidas is the new sponsored of Costa Rica for the Women’s World Cup. Costa Rica was previously sponsored by New Balance.

Pic Credit : Adidas

Jamaica 2023 Women’s World Cup Kit

Jamaica has had many kit sponsors over the years but for the first time ever, Adidas will dress the Reggae Girlz. It is created in collaboration between adidas and fashion label, Wales Bonner.

The home kit features the traditional yellow jersey with thin vertical green stripes and paired with white shorts. It is accompanied by black and green accents as a nod to Jamaica’s flag.

The away kit is a deep brown shirt and shorts. Along the neckline, arm cuffs and side panel of the jersey is a red, green and gold-striped design. The remaining accents are all gold.

Philippine 2023 Women’s world Cup Kit

Philippine team for 2023 Women’s World Cup were going to wear the colors of the flag.

The home and away kit for the Filipinas as they make their name on the international stage this July are coloured pula, bughaw, and puti.

The PWNFT unveiled their official jerseys on May 16, 2023, in partnership with Adidas Philippines, featuring patterns inspired by the nation’s history and colours.

The kits come in three colorways: “Alab ng Puso,” “Ang Bagong Yugto,” and “Sipag at Tiyaga,” each of which has special significance for the team.

Pic Credit : Adidas

The team’s Alab ng Puso uniform was bright red with a blue and white collar to symbolise their courage, enthusiasm, and national pride.

Pic Credit : Adidas

The Sipag at Tiyaga pair with the blue stripes has a red and white collar in contrast. This exemplifies the team’s tenacity and success.

Pic Credit : Adidas

Ang Bagong Yugto white kit is adorned with three blue stripes and a collar decked in white and yellow.

The kits will launch on June 12th which is Philippine Independence Day.


People can buy the jersey and all the official merchandise from the official FIFA store.

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