Apple Vision Pro : Everything You Need To Know About It

Apple Vision Pro
Pic Credit : Apple

Apple shows off its first new product category in eight years as it debuted Apple Vision pro at WWDC 2023 as the world’s most advanced consumer electronics device. Apple’s Vision Pro headset priced $3499, a ground-breaking spatial computer that allows users to remain present and socially connected while seamlessly fusing digital material with the real world. Vision Pro presents a fully three-dimensional user interface that is controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs – a user’s eyes, hands, and voice — and creates an infinite canvas for programmes that expands beyond the limitations of a traditional display.

Vision Pro gives consumers the ability to engage with digital information in a way that makes it feel like it is physically present in their location thanks to visionOS, the first spatial operating system in the world. Vision Pro’s ground-breaking design includes a display system with an ultra-high resolution that packs 23 million pixels over two displays and custom Apple silicon in a novel dual-chip configuration to give users the impression that everything is happening in real time right before their eyes. Apple Vision Pro is designed for all-day use when plugged in, and up to two hours of use with its external, high-performance battery.


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Said during the annual WWDC “Today marks the beginning of a new era for computing, Just as the Mac introduced us to personal computing, and iPhone introduced us to mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro introduces us to spatial computing. Built upon decades of Apple innovation, Vision Pro is years ahead and unlike anything created before — with a revolutionary new input system and thousands of groundbreaking innovations. It unlocks incredible experiences for our users and exciting new opportunities for our developers.”

“Creating our first spatial computer required invention across nearly every facet of the system, Through a tight integration of hardware and software, we designed a standalone spatial computer in a compact wearable form factor that is the most advanced personal electronics device ever.” said Mike Rockwell, Apple’s vice president of the Technology Development Group.

Vision Pro Resembles a ski goggle–like design

The chassis of the Vision Pro immediately draws comparisons to a set of expensive ski goggles. A fan that sucks air through the headset to cool its internal components is hidden behind a continuous, tinted front panel that wraps around the wearer’s eyes to serve as a lens.

An easily removable band and a dial for regulating the headset’s snugness are located around the back of the Vision Pro. Apple and Zeiss collaborated to develop magnetic lenses for those who use prescription glasses.


Apple refers to visionOS, the operating system that runs the Vision Pro, as “the first OS designed for spatial computing” (the term of choice for Apple when referring to augmented reality and virtual reality). VisionOS shares key architectural building blocks with MacOS and iOS and adds a “real-time subsystem” for processing interactive visuals on the Vision Pro.

When will the Vision Pro is available and How to buy it

The Vision Pro headset will be a 2024 product because Apple intends to release it to the general public sometime early next year. The Vision Pro headset’s initial retail availability will be restricted to the US, but Apple promised that it will eventually make the headset available in another countries too. Customers who book an appointment in an Apple Store will get a demo and a chance to personalize their fit before they buy the Vision Pro.

Age requirement to use the Vision Pro

Apple prescribe Vision Pro users must be of 13 years and older. It is not intended for kids use.

Price of Vision Pro

Vision Pro headset priced $3499. The price of the Meta Quest Pro mixed reality headset is $1000. No doubt Apple is charging 3.5 times more but then the price won’t be an obstruction for content creators and developers.

How long the battery last

Apple Vision Pro is designed for all-day use when plugged in, and up to two hours of use with its external, high-performance battery.

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