UK Prime Minister to Sign Historic Investment Treaty with Singapore

UK Prime Minister to Sign Historic Investment Treaty with Singapore

Rishi Sunak to sign investment treaty with Singapore, meet Indian counterpart for trade talks

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will meet Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in New Delhi on September 9 to sign a new bilateral investment treaty. The treaty, the first the UK has negotiated since leaving the European Union, is expected to give Singaporean companies more confidence to invest in the UK and vice versa, creating jobs and growing the economies of both countries.

Sunak will also meet his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for bilateral talks. The UK and India have a trading relationship worth £36 billion, and Sunak is keen to finalize a post-Brexit trade agreement with the country. He has said that he will not “sacrifice quality for speed” in his quest to secure a deal, and that he wants to ensure that the agreement works for both countries.

Sunak is also expected to raise the case of British man Jagtar Singh Johal, who is facing the death penalty in India. Johal has been in prison for six years on charges of conspiracy to murder, which his family say are politically motivated. Sunak has said that he understands the family’s concerns and wants to ensure that Johal receives a fair trial.

Sunak and Modi’s meeting is seen as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the UK and India. India and the UK are among the world’s largest economies, and a stronger relationship could benefit both of them.

The following are some additional details about the investment treaty and the trade talks:

  • The investment treaty is expected to cover a range of areas, including investment protection, dispute resolution, and transparency.
  • The UK and India are expected to start formal negotiations on a trade agreement in the coming months.
  • The UK is also seeking to strengthen its security and defense ties with India.

The talks between Sunak and Modi are taking place on the sidelines of the G20 summit, which is being held in New Delhi. The summit is an opportunity for leaders from around the world to discuss global issues, such as the war in Ukraine and the global economy.

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