Northampton’s Boxing Hero Chantelle Cameron Receives Highest Honor

Northampton's Boxing Hero Chantelle Cameron Receives Highest Honor
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Northampton Boxer Chantelle Cameron to Receive Freedom of the Town

Chantelle Cameron is Northampton’s boxing pride. The undefeated world champion is set to receive the prestigious freedom of the town award at a civic ceremony later this December. Chantelle Cameron’s journey to the top of women’s boxing has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has she achieved incredible success, but she has also inspired thousands of young women around the world to follow their dreams of competing in the world of sport. Although she was defeated in her latest attempt to defend her light-welt weight world championship, Cameron’s legacy remains unshakable. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to her community has made her the epitome of what Northampton is all about. Being awarded the freedom of the town is the highest accolade that can be given to an individual in the sport of Northampton. It is a testament to the outstanding contribution that Cameron has made to the town’s sporting heritage and to her commitment to inspire others.

Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron: A Tale of Two Champions


Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are two of the most decorated female boxers in history. Taylor is the undisputed lightweight champion, while Cameron is the undisputed light-welterweight champion. The two met in a highly anticipated rematch on May 20, 2023, with Taylor emerging victorious in a majority decision.


Since 2019, Irish professional boxer Katie Taylor has been the lightweight champion of the WBA, IBF, WBC, and WBO. She is regarded as one of the all-time best female boxers. Taylor competed in two Olympics, winning silver in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and gold in London in 2012.

Chantelle Cameron is a Scottish professional boxer who has held the IBO, WBC, IBF, and WBA light-welterweight titles since 2022. She is also considered to be one of the greatest female boxers of all time. Cameron is a two-time world champion, having previously held the WBA super-lightweight title from 2016 to 2019.

The First Fight

Taylor and Cameron first met in October 2022, with Cameron winning by a majority decision. The fight was a close and competitive one, with both fighters landing heavy blows. However, it was Cameron who controlled the fight for most of the night.

Cameron’s power and aggression were too much for Taylor to handle. She landed more power punches and landed them cleaner than Taylor. She was also able to take Taylor’s best shots without backing down.

Ultimately, a majority vote decided that Cameron should win. Cameron won the bout 98-92 and 97-93 according to two judges, while the third judge gave Cameron a 95-95 score.

The Rematch

Taylor was determined to avenge her loss, and she spent the next six months training hard for the rematch. Cameron, on the other hand, was looking to cement her status as one of the best female boxers in the world.

The 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland hosted the rematch. Both combatants landed hard strikes throughout the back-and-forth battle. But for the majority of the evening, Taylor was in charge of the battle.

Taylor’s superior boxing skills and experience were evident throughout the fight. She landed more punches and landed them cleaner than Cameron. She was also able to avoid most of Cameron’s power punches.

The final score was 98-92 in favor of Taylor with two of the judges scoring the fight at 98-92, and 96-94, and the third judge scoring the fight at 95-95.

The Legacy

Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are two of the greatest female boxers of all time. Their rivalry has been one of the most exciting and entertaining in boxing history. Their rematch was a classic fight that will be remembered for years to come.

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