Major Transport Disruption in Manchester as Bus Drivers Strike

Major Transport Disruption in Manchester as Bus Drivers Strike

Transport strikes are becoming a regular occurrence across the UK, with the latest round set to hit Manchester buses in August and September.

The strikes are likely to cause disruption to travel in Manchester, including to several high-profile events.

Here are some tips for avoiding disruption during the strikes:

Plan your travel in advance and allow extra time for your journey.
Consider using alternative modes of transport, such as the Metro link or walking.
Check with your employer or school to see if they have any travel arrangements in place.

The strike is part of a wider pay and working conditions dispute. Bus drivers in Manchester are calling for a 10% pay increase and a guarantee that no compulsory redundancies will take place.

The strike is the latest in a series of industrial strikes across the country as workers push for better pay and better working conditions. It is not clear how long the strike will last.

First Bus Manchester have said they’re committed to finding a resolution to the dispute and are doing everything they can to make sure it’s fair for both drivers and passengers. Passengers should keep checking First Bus Manchester for any news on the strike.

Why are Manchester bus drivers striking?

Manchester bus drivers are striking because they are unhappy with their pay and conditions. They are demanding a pay rise that will allow them to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Unite, the union representing the drivers, says that the bus companies are paying their workers “derisory wages” while their profits “continue to soar.”

Rob Hughes, Operations Director of First Manchester, says that the company has made a “generous pay offer” of a 15.2% increase between now and October. However, the drivers are rejecting this offer, saying that it is not enough.

The strikes are causing disruption to bus services in Manchester. Passengers are being advised to make alternative travel arrangements.

Unite and the bus companies are continuing to negotiate. It is hoped that a resolution can be found soon to prevent the strikes from causing further disruption.

Further details regarding the situation can be found below :

  • The strikes are having an impact on First Bus Manchester, as well as Stagecoach Manchester.
  • The bus companies are planning to go on strike from August 25th to 28th and from September 4th to 8th, causing a huge amount of disruption to bus travel in Manchester.
  • Passengers are being urged to find other ways to get around.
  • Unite and the companies are still trying to come to an agreement.
  • So, hopefully something can be sorted out soon so the strikes don’t happen again.

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